As an online retailer – what if you could do one thing differently & actually start converting most of your customers?


Our CEO & Founder Try@Home deep dives into exactly how this is possible with Try@Home on the Add To Cart Show Podcast.

Learn how Try@Home can help you access untapped sales, by offering a seamless Ty Before You Buy experience!

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Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Retailers helping retailers. Bettina makes sure her client-facing team members have experience running an eCommerce business. This means that they know first hand the issues they need to help customers with and have empathy with what they are going through. Such a smart move if you are a service or tech business!

  2. Service before refunds. Bettina said “Most people don’t want a refund, they want you to help them make a decision about a product.” Let’s face it, no one likes refunds. Despite what you might think in your deepest darkest moments, customers aren’t refunding for fun. If you can service the pain point leading to the refund, everyone will be happier!

  3. Touch. Feel. Convert. Bettina shared some of the conversion and basket size uplifts from customers who have had the Try @ Home offering delivered. She is adamant there is a connection between having the product in your own home, in your own hands and converting. How are you going to get handsy with your customers to increase conversion?