Upselling with Try@Home

increase sales

Upsell with Try@Home

How To Increase Sales

After implementing the Try@Home system for Sirens Swimwear, which significantly increased our average order value (AOV), our next question was – what can we do next to increase AOV even further?

By now, our customers were comfortably using the Try@Home system, trying products at home first, then deciding which to keep, and returning unwanted items using our simple returns process.

We had initially set the number of products to TRY as five, and found that customers selected three they were clear on (usually variations in size or colour, of their main item), and a strong trend occurred of returns of the last two items in the TRY group.

So, increasing what we call the “Try Number” didn’t usually lead to customers buying more than three items.

We had to find another way.

And we did. 

increase sales

The VIP Pack

We added a VIP pack to their TRY parcel of goods.  This meant that we added a beautiful over shirt which they would try on, and then realise they hadn’t ordered it. Upon checking their parcel, they found a note thanking them for being a VIP Try@Home customer, and offering 20% off the normal price of this additional item. They usually loved this over shirt, and many took up the offer.

This worked like a storeowner bringing something else to your change room that would go with what you are already trying, because they know how well the items would go together. Most of us LOVE it when this happens, and we discover magic that we didn’t know ourself how to create!

So the process was combining the art of styling with the strategy of upselling, and it worked a treat. Customers were happy, and Sirens was happy.

The Bundle Offer

We developed the Customer Self-Serve Portal, which enabled Try@Home customers to jump online and finalise their order – telling us which items they would keep and pay for, and which they were returning. Then we found another way to upsell.

At the point where customers were finalising their order online, we then popped up and made a bundle offer. This was the offer of a second swimsuit for 20% off, if they were already purchasing one swimsuit.  Many customers said “yes” to this offer.  By this stage, they had tried a few products at home, and understood the quality, fit, and sizing, so their confidence to purchase something else was naturally higher.

These two strategy examples describe how the Try@Home process not only increases AOV because of the TRY process itself.  It also allows upselling in different ways, which create exciting new win-win scenarios for Storeowners and customers.