Try@Home Returns Processing Automation

Returns Processing

Try@Home Returns Processing Automation

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and this was the driver behind our creation of the Try@Home Automated Returns process.

The process of customers trying goods at home includes the natural by-product of product returns.  These are not the same as the returns of BOUGHT products.  These are like the items left behind in the changeroom after a customer has selected the ones to buy.

The Challenge of Success

When the Try@Home system was first in full swing, we had six people in the office manually processing returns. This included handling all the paperwork, discussing exchanges with customers, putting in new exchange orders, and processing refunds or store credits for customers. In our peak season we could get up to two months behind….

Something had to change. Our customers deserved better, and we were also aware of another large brand with the same problem who was getting some bad press about this issue…..

Returns Processing

The Joy of Automation

We decided to create a portal for our customers, where they could easily finalise their order after TRYing their ordered products. There they could tell us which items they would keep and pay for, and then kick off the returns process themselves. There would be an FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) resource to assist them with the process.

We built it, and they came – and used it, and we all heaved a great sigh of relief.

We went from six staff down to one customer service person who worked a few hours per day, a few days per week, to answer customer emails.  This of course, had a direct effect on our business profitability.


This Order Finalisation Portal including the Returns Initiation is now included in the new Try@Home App, so that Storeowners using it can reap the joys and not those early challenges of Try@Home success.