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Frequently Asked Questions

Try@Home brings the change room home for online shopping! It is an online store integration that allows customers to order and try items in the comfort of their own home, for just a small deposit.

Good question! Our results show that when customers try more, they buy more. Store owners have seen an increase in their volume of sales, an increase in their average order value, and very happy, returning customers!

Try@Home is perfect for all brands in fashion, apparel, beauty, homeware, health, fitness, lifestyle – plus many more! It is designed for any brands/products that customers hesitate to buy online without trying first.

No, not at all. The Try@Home app is suitable for nano, SME and larger brands in fashion, apparel, beauty, homeware, health, fitness and lifestyle brand owners.

Absolutely! The Try@Home service is the perfect solution to encourage new customers to try your brand for the first time.

Try@Home is an app available to download from the Shopify app store. We strongly recommend using the link below to book a demo so we can show you all of the amazing features!

At the moment, yes. However we are in the process of finalising our integration with other E-commerce platforms. Please register your interest by clicking the button below, and we will notify you as soon as it becomes available.

We have a dedicated Client Success team that will support you every step of the way. We are very passionate about helping store owners build their businesses and will support you in every way we can.

Yes! Our Client Success team offers suggestions and guidance to help you set up the app. We also have several settings so the features can be tailored to suit your customers needs.

That’s OK, one of our settings allows you to remove any products from the Try@Home offer if they are not suitable.

You may see an initial increase in shipping costs. However, our results show that the Try@Home service results in increased volume of sales, and increased average order value. This will far outweigh those shipping costs!

No. All your orders, exchanges, store credits and returns can be managed in the Try@Home app. Customers manage their returns in their own portal. When their return parcel is received, you can finalise their exchange or refund request with the click of a button.

No, there are zero setup costs. You only pay us a small percentage, when you make sales. For a tailor-made demo and more information on fees, please use the link below to contact our team.