Try@Home Payment Terms & Conditions

1. Shopify Payments Terms and Conditions Apply.

2. When the Try@Home Service is activated in your cart, the tried items are free-to-try, rather than purchased, and only a Try-Deposit is charged.

3. After delivery and trying items, you will Complete the Order online. If you keep more than the deposit paid, a second checkout occurs.

4. If all tried items are returned, or kept items are worth less than the deposit, you are offered options of exchange, store-credit, or refund, to settle the amount owed to you.

5. If orders with tried items are not Completed within the Try-Time, despite email reminders, you will be invoiced for the value of all tried products, less the deposit.

6. If items indicated as being returned are not received after 4 weeks from return postage label printed, you will be invoiced for the value of all items that were to be returned.