Offer Rapid Exchanges & Returns

Experience reduced refunds with instant exchange orders and store-credits. Streamlined auto restocking and refunding action buttons on a smart dashboard make it fast and easy for you and your customers.

Why are rapid exchanges & returns so powerful?

Allowing customers to exchange, return or claim a store credit at the click of a button, means they can spend less time emailing you…

and spend more time shopping with your brand!

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Reduce Refunds

From 30% to 1%

Save More Sales

Unlike most exchanges and returns apps, Try@Home focuses on keeping the sale with your brand, offering exchanges and returns with ease & encouraging store credit to your customers rather than giving instant refunds…

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Encourage Customers To Buy More.

Increase average order value with rapid exchanges, giving you the ability to capture payments for higher price items.

Customers Love Try@Home

We surveyed over 10,000 customers who bought using Try@Home from their favourite brands.

52% of them said they would never have bought if Try@Home wasn’t available

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Happy Try@Home Customers


Wouldn’t have bought without Try@Home


Increase In Average Order Value Try@Home